Pulchritudinous Men

and those who love looking at them

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This community was created by princesslola and myself (badassbastet). It's basically a site for male photo posts. I think The Princess and I would agree that there are an over abundance of Female photo posts, or photo/model communities that are over run by Female Photos. As she is a photographer and I don't mind being in front of her camera we have decided to team up and bring her photographic talents and my make-up/design abilities to public light.

The intention of this community is to display pulchritudinousness at it's best. Alt_Adonis will display the male form in it's many alternative forms.

All are welcome to join, post, and comment but please limit photos to male models only. We prefer to see pictures of yourself feel free to use make up, photoshop, and any other aesthetics...

The Rules:

1.) Male photos only

2.) Please place all nude or large photos behind an lj-cut*, and tag the entry in a manner to warn onlookers of subject matter. If you have multiple photos please place only one on a post and multiples behind a cut. *see help menu or ask someone if you don't know how to use the cut.

3.) Tag all pictures with descriptions to let onlookers know who the picture is of.

4.) All alt_male photos are welcome, but please do not make habbit of posting celebrity photos in abundance. We know what Johnny Depp looks like all Gothed up, but we'd rather see what you (or your close male friends) look like.

5.) No stupid people! Ignorance will not be tolerated only insanity. We have to work with stupid people on a regular basis and refuse to do it on our personal time.

6.) Do not post advertisments for other communities or websites without prior permission from a moderator. All unauthorized SPAM posts will be deleted.

7.) Upon becoming a member please send us a valid check or money order for eleventy billion dollars. If you do not have eleventy billion dollars that you can spare simply introduce yourself to the group on your first post, and let us know that you have read the rules by saying you don't have eleventy billion dollars.

8.) Be nice. Criticism is tolerated, but Mean people suck! FLAMING is not tolerated. I'm not sure what that is, but Princess Lola says it's bad. All overly critical/mean comments or posts will be deleted unless they are funny then they can stay. Ouch! Lola don't hit me that hurts. Ok all overly critical posts will be deleted.